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Norouz & Sizdah-Bedar 1395/2016 Celebration Event held on Saturday April 2nd from 3-7pm

 Pars Global Events is proud to announce the celebration of Norouz of 1395/2016 coming up in April 2nd.    

​​Join us for a wonderful Norouz and Sizdah-Bedar (combined) Celebration in a fresh outdoor weather in a picnic style setup! We will have Sofre Hafsteen and YES! Sabzi-Polo Mahi too along with other refreshments including pastries along a DJ music and dance floor.

This event is a family event so welcome to bring along family members along to join in the fun and as well as open to other Persians outside of our groups. REMEMBER -- This is a ticketed event and SPACE IS LIMITED; till you have purchased your tickets your attendance is not confirmed. REGISTERTION link will be added soon...!

(There is a possible rain showing in the weather forecast and if it doesn't clear up as the date approaches, we will move the event to the following weekend.)

**Tickets are $37 PP (including the online ticket fees) and if purchased 5 -days prior to the event will be $42 and $45 at the day of the event.  If the date changes due to inclement weather, your reservation will still be saved towards the new date!)

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